Feb 21, 2006

RDB - 2 viewpoints

Vivek and Koushik loved the movie, Vikas said the second half was ridiculous. Sagarika Ghosh (CNN IBN) thinks its dangerous. I havent seen the movie, but from what Vikas told me, I tend to agree with her. It increasingly seems to me that in India we are rapidly losing our shades if grey. Everything is portrayed in black or white. So the first half is one extreme and the second half is the other. In the first half, do you identify with this Amir more than the Amir in Dil Chahta Hai? And is it possible to identify with anyone in the second half? What kind of society will ours become if the vendetta raaj takes over? A friend of mine gets drunk and dies in a road accident so 4 of my friends get together and murder Vijay Mallya and Bajaj? Is that the message of this movie?

And I would agree to one more thing that Sagarika wrote. The fact that this movie is such a big hit scares the shit out of me.


Loki said...

I would want to ask Sagarika, what she thinks about this now, after the Jessica Lal case's judgment.

I think it’s the perfect climax in the movie. We need something like this to make things happen in a FUCKED UP country like ours.

To your question "What kind of society will ours become if the vendetta raaj takes over?" I want to ask you what kind of society is it right now. And by the way, if you saw the movie then you'll know that it wasn't personal vendetta.

The irony is that we don't have any more revolutionaries. The ones at the top are busy with a sole aim of filling their pockets, and then ones who are not a part of the decision making process (people like me and you), only keep cribbing about it.

India doesn't deserve to be a democratic republic.

Shuv said...

aaja aaja..abhi to ek mahine pehle manoj kumar bann raha tha na? desh aaja..there are courses open - escape asap or become totally cynical and create a blog.

what would you choose?

bubai said...

don't be scared.

its a well shot movie - no doubt. but making the movie a big hit - really don't mean anything. many movies have come and gone over the years - nothing in this society changes.

again - look at the positive side - what about having some more "gori"s in our country - welcome change. europe is too expensive - ask loky - he'll vouch for it.

Loki said...
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Loki said...

Well, I would at least choose to do the right thing even if it calls for some tough decisions, which I guess will definitely make me cynical. Am I already not one???

On the lighter side "Goris" will be a welcome change. Specially if they speak hindi, its quite a turn on :)

kaushik said...

A lot is being said about RDB. I want each movie to run on its own steam. Hence I chose not to right anything about on my blog.

The Sagarika Ghosh' and Khaled Mahmoud have their own agendas in life. Just like the Bobbili Vijays or the Ayaz Memons. Folks stop reading the newspaper and stop watching Television.

Jounos have their daily stories to air. I have a few journo friends of mine. They have their professional pressures to respond to.

Stop viewing reviews. Movies are made to be watched. Review comes only after that. As for news channel the less said the better.

As for what exactly RDB is all about - I have to put my comments in a seperate post. But I will allow RDB to run for a while before I write about it. There is no point in influencing people around a movie.

Shuv said...

the jessica case has been reopened thru peaceful democratic ways. before suggesting extremist methods one should think about the taliban or the soviet block state police and secret agencies. its very easy for things to go out of hand once one starts resorting to non-democratic ways. loky how would you like it if the local imaam passed a decree to whip u in public if you got drunk and urinated near his house? or if the local VHS head ordered that your head be shaved if you r caught eating beef role outside Faanus?

Think think.

Loki said...

first, i'll murder you apu. baaki reply baad me deta hoon.

faanus ki yaad mut dila, i start salivating instantly.

vikas said...

i wish the movie had a bit more of a skin show ,atleast thats what i go to see in movies .hahahahahaha

Loki said...

skin show in hindi movies??? item numbers i can understand but other than that, what???

you definitely need more sex!!! just watching porn all the time will not help.

Shuv said...

kyu? salman skin nehi dikhata?

Loki said...

oh! yes. ye to maine socha hi nehi. sorry vikas, waise tere aur salman ki baddi kaafi milti hai. no wonder you watch all sallu movies!

talking about sallu, i don't think he should be sent to jail for killing a blackbuck. although i had written the opposite in one of the blogs. i take my words back.

vikas said...

no i dnt like watching salman's skin ,still resisting being a gay but lets see how long i can hold on

Loki said...

If you just want to watch skin in hindi movies then don't miss Laila. Believe me, you'll love it else screw me.