Feb 9, 2006

Finally some sense?

There have been many occasions when people have done something significant after getting the idea from a book or a movie. 9/11 was one such example. I am now reading Tom Clancy's 'Sum of all fears' where he has given a new twist to the Israely-Arab conflict. A Palestinian protestor, inspired by Gandhi and King, convinces the leaders that passive resistance is the best way. An Israely police captain, unused to such tactics loses his head and orders his men to shoot rubber bullets into the crowd in which a man dies. A CNN correspondent covering the event comments 'Finally the bastards have smartened up'..The entire world sides with the Palestinians for the first time and Israel lose their moral ground (their only ground in this conflict IMHO). That's as far as I have gotten to.

Anyway, this looks like something like that. This is the first time these guys have done and said something sensible. Its high time the west came down from its high moral ground and practised what they preached. I would really like to see leading western papers extolling the virtues of 'freedom of speech' publish cartoons about the holocaust and Vietnam. How about some research into who screwed Virgin Mary? Or maybe about Amercian Indians living in conservations, about what happened to Blacks after Katrina (no I wont say 'African Americans' because I dont believe that calling someone 'Black' is derogatory in the first place). How about some screamingly funny ones about Hiroshima?

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