Feb 23, 2006

Music Television

Rock purists say MTV killed classic rock. The early 80-s saw the rise of music videos and with it, hair bands, disco and pop. The last rites were performed in the 90-s with rap and boy bands.

In our very own India the bug has caught on. Yesterday I saw the hideous Asha moving her body to a remixed RD song. It was painful to watch that face pouting lips, looking 'naughty', trying to be playful and sexy. Trying to match Asha and Lata's faces with their voices is as complex an exercise as keeping a woman happy. In the good old days one had the best of both worlds. One can watch a Mumtaz or a Saira Banu on screen and hear the nightingle sing. Not anymore. If you have to watch Asha Bhosle calling you with the words 'Piya tu ab to aa ja', or Lata asking you to 'Baahon me chale aao'....shudder shudder shudder.....


vikas said...

strange,i like asha and lata too doing all this.kahi yeh frustration and desperation type ka kuch to nahi???????????

Loki said...

u need to have more sex!

but thanks to you and apu that i started listening to rock. normal for a bong to be a rock fan but dilli ka paapi bhi rock fan, thats strange!!! what say about a mharo matho ghoom gayo rock fan!

Show me the way
To the next whiskey bar
For if we don’t find
The next whiskey bar
I tell you we must die
I tell you we must die
I tell you, I tell you I tell you we must die


Shuv said...

shakira ko chorke..i lou her