Feb 17, 2006

Inzy bhai

Aloo is too damn sweet man! He is one of the first Paki cricketers I started genuinely liking. Growing up watching Miandad, Malik, Sohail, Moin, Aaqib and Saqlain, I had developed this hatred for the men in green. Watching those Sharjah matches, listening to their animalistic screams when they got our wickets and the constant tension watching the one day encounters were nightmarish stuff. Things have changed over the last year or so. Now watching the Pakis play one doesnt get the impression that its jehad. They have become more relaxed and fair on the field, and youngsters like Malik, Butt, Asif and Kamran and really likeable.

But Inzy is the best. Not just his game. He is a sportsman, on and off the field. Never gets into controversies, never goes overboard in his actions and comments and is always modest and full of humility. But the greatest thing about him are his post match interviews. They are hilarious. "Salam Walequm, bismillah, ek rahman ek rahim. First of all I want to say thanks to allah..". This is the starting irrespective of the result. Followed by a series of 'is is is is''.

Next time he is on check it out.

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Loki said...

I checked it out, Aloo is too sweet. Here are the excerpts from the 5th ODI Ind-Pak post match interview with Inzy Bhai.

Rameez Raza: May I now invite Inzamam-ul-Haq to please come forward. Well Inzy its been a tough series for Pakistan.

Inzy Bhai: Salam Walequm, bismillah, ek rahman ek rahim. First of all thanks to allah! Ya this one day series is specially tough for Pakistan and I think we are not playing good, credit goes to Indian team, is played really well...

Inzy bhai hats off to you. You are the great! Inshallah!