Feb 22, 2006

Jessica Lal verdict

What did you expect anyway? In our fucked up country, with the most fucked up constitution and judiciary, did the result come as any surprise? The only way we can clean up our act is to change the arcane judicial system. Circumstantial evidence must be considered for these cases, because eyewitnesses wont (cant) come forward. If I was an eyewitness and Pappu Yadav kidnapped my son and sent me his little finger in the mail, I will NOT give evidence. Its as simple as that. Even if there exists a system like the Witness Protection Program, I would not do it. I would not uproot my life and my son's life for someone else. The only way is if the law changes. Eye witness evidence must take a back seat. Truth serums must be legalised to grill suspects. There could be a 100 things that could be done. True, some innocent people will be wrongly convicted. But the theory that 'even if a 100 culprits go scott free, even 1 innocent should not be wrongly punished' does not hold water any longer. Some innocents will be punished wrongly. Tough luck. That does not mean that these bastards will get away with what they choose.

The only problem is..who will change the system? The people who are responsible for changing the laws will never do something that will screw them. So is the ending of RDB the only way out?


Loki said...

Jessica Lal shot point blank in a crowded restaurant, 9 people accused and all them walk out scott free after a 7 year trial. What can be more ridiculous than this? Everyone knows that our consitution and judiciary is totally fucked up, the cops are bloody totally sold out. Now even the educated civil society has shown its true colors. Not one of those so called "rich and elite" bastards who were present rose to the occasion. Its easier said than done in our society but I think the problem lies with us Indians as much as with the constitution and judiciary. After all we the people make this a totally fucked up place.

None of us have dared to be one of those who can be responsible for changing the laws. Those who did, either gave up or later went on to be a part of this fucked up system. Exceptions have always been there may be 1 in million which is just not enough.

How will this change? Who will change it? I am certain it can't happen without a revolution. My best answer to this is RBD, definitely!

bubai said...

nice to see u guys getting excited with these issues.
this is nothing new.
just forget these and have a peaceful life - we're Indians.
I love my India.

Loki said...

No wonder they say public memory is short!

Just hope that this does not happen to any of us!

God bless India!

Shuv said...

bubai saala khud 20 din india ke bahaar rehke aish karta hai aur bolta hai god bless india?

Loki said...

apu were u drunk while writing the last comment?

Shuv said...

no. why?

vikas said...

i dnt think those guys will get away now,atlast the media overindulgence in all issues and those shit breaking news stories will finally do something good for this case.

Loki said...

apu, i think again you were drunk again. anyways chor, its too technical, i'm probably being silly.

Talking about the issue, glad to know that ordinary people's views are making some difference. If these guys still get away with this then it would be one of the biggest failures of our judiciary. Nobody can stop RDB then. Watch out! you rich & influencial.

Thats why I say although India is screwed up, its still a great place.