Feb 14, 2006

Dho Daala!!

No. I am not talking about Dhoni. Uska to pata hi tha (and let vikas confirm that I have been talking about dhoni for the past 2.5 years, if we was playing I would watch duleep, challenger, ranji anything...much before the so-called experts in the media were talking about Patel's innocent looks). I am talking about Prez Musharaff's speech at the end of the match. I can wager my last chaddi that there is not a single politician in india who has the callibre to make a speech like that on the fly. Not only that. If you see how he has handled Bush since the Afghan war you will understand what a fantastic politician he is. He harbours terrorists and gets money from the US to beef up his anti-terrorist cell, he keeps the hardline islamic fundamentalists at bay, he warns the US government when they accidentally kill civilians in a taliban strike (and the US keeps mum), he does exactly as he pleases while our politicians huff and puff in UN councils and go around the world trying to get support to label Pakistan as a terrorist nation.

Hats off to you Sir. Wish we had someone like you in charge here.


vikas said...

i confirm that

Shuv said...

tu to prolific blog commentator bann gaya yaar!

Anonymous said...

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