Apr 19, 2006

A north indian wedding

Actually it was a pre-wedding cocktail party. Went there expecting a stag affair where everyone gets roaring drunk and a couple of fights break out. Turned out to be a family affair with plenty of women and children. What I loved was this punjabi culture of dancing. There was a strobe lit dance floor which was filled to capacity. For women whose husbands were too busy drinking, they were quite happy to take on 12 year old partners. And the best part came when the grooms parents came on the stage on popular demand. Uncle and aunty danced to 'Ae mere zohra zabin' and it was wonderful. I wish I had seen my parents dance to a romantic number. Will agree to marry once more just to see that.


rip van winkle said...

thats touchy boy. they WILL dance Shuv...moment they see U dancing.

for heaven's sake spare the marriage.

kaushik said...

rip.. sounds familiar very close to rape.. but depends by whom and the position ofcourse.. Just joking mate.. But did we hear of multiple personality syndrome.. Yes we did.. But in the virtual world its called multiple ID syndrome..

But good that rip has woken up to this blog..

And rip I am waiting and there are plenty of touchpoints on my...

kaushik said...

Well this was a nice one. And when have we seen our parents doing the following

1. Going together for a morning walk
2. Dancing
3. Going out to eat at a restaurant
4. Voluntarily watching a movie together

Well, their times and ours is so bloody different. For them we came first and last and there was no place for them. For us our child some first, then us ourselves and if there is still space left then our parents.

Even now it sends shivers down my spine when they volunteer to bail me out because I happen to overspend and finish my money before the first of the month..

At most times it makes me angry as to why some people are so bloody selfless. It really makes me feel small, real small.

Shuv said...

i wouldn't like to be like my parents in that the sole meaning of my life at the age of 50 will be my son. he will definitely be the most important person in my life, but not the only one.

rip van winkle said...

really like to know,do u actually have an idea who the other person might be? im serious bro.

Shuv said...

nope..i defintely wont be a person though. my son will be the most important person in my life, but there will be other 'things' that will be important as well (hopefully)