Apr 11, 2006

Judiciary going overhead

Saw a banner in Chandni Chowk yesterday. It read:

'Haseena marti hai to sarkar hilti hai,
Gareeb vyapari marta hai to sarkar kyu soti hai?'

The reference was to the hype over the Jessica Laal case and the recent High Court decision to demolish all shops in residential areas in Delhi. The demolition issue has 3 aspects to it:

1) Why was permission given to construct shops in residental areas in the first place? Who will catch the MCD and court officials who had been bribed to allow this to happen in the first place?

2) The court has ruled that Chandni Chowk is a residential area. Its a bloody 200 year old market! From the very first city plan it had been designated as a commercial area. Now one judge's ruling has changed all that.

3) The traders have also said that they are willing to relocate if they are provided land elsewhere. Their point is when u demolish slums u relocate beggars and squatters, whereas we have paid for these establishments.

I agree with the traders here. The court has suddenly started taking on a totalitarian role. There have been other excesses by the court in the near past. I am no fan of Salman, but 5 years for killing a deer?? Isnt that a bit too much to swallow?


vikas said...

all these things happen in your bloody country ,god when will i go to my fatherland.

munia said...

neither am i currently a salman fan.....but cmon apu!!! i mean where does the judiciary go? if it had let salman go, then there wud have been a hue and cry that jus becos he is a celebrity, he got away. of course so many do get away, and will continue to do so. but i think such a ruckus jus becos sallu spends jus two nights in jail is a bit too much.

also, i am reminded of the huge ruckus in WB last year when dhananjay was hanged. people were sympathetic, the aatel types u know, that had he been a moneyed man, he wud have got away. but moneyed or kangla does not make him a lesser criminal, does it? i mean, he rapes a schoolgirl, who is not wearing a 'slinky dress in a bar in blore' or whereever, throttles her, and then violates her AGAIN when she is dead. i mean, how much more of an animal can someone get? i dont know what makes people want to support him. these things are unpardonable. and that he got hung, even though it will not serve as a deterrant to anyone, its a commendable thing that it happened anyway.

being the mother of a daughter makes me shudder to even think of such things. come to think of it, i think every person, if he or she is humane enuff, shud be ashamed that such things happen, irrespective of whether they are mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, sons, whatever!!

Shuv said...

come on munia. u have actually proved what i was saying. my point is that salman killed 3 pavement dwellers driving drunk and he went scot free. he kills a fucking deer and he gets 5 years. even that is hogwash, because he will win the appeal and spend 5 mnths in jail. his fucking lawyer has given the argument that if killing a deer is a crime then so is killing cows, goats and chicken for food. and i am sure that the issue starved BJP and that bloody maneka will take up the cry. my point is how lopsided the judiciary has become. as for rapists, i think hanging is too good for them. they should have a slow death, preferably at the hands of the victims family. but we are too civilised for all that arent we? and all the intellectuals who didnt want him to be hanged, send their mothers daughters and sisters to me.

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv i cant help but comment between yr conversation with munia.Whats wrong with u guys man?r u seriously endorsing capital punishment?killing the criminal has never solved the problem.its the Crime you need to deal with.i do understand impulse,emotion,vengeance,instant justice and all that,but have you not seen it all before?how good has it done?
you should hit the root if u r really looking for a solution.i.e. Just Think if a vatican church priest can be a paedophilic,if a swaminarayan temple guru is chrged of molesting 65 women,how does Dhananjoy become so special?and for your slow and painful death shuv,let me remind you that he had already served a prolonged period of 14yrs!!
if you r already getting bored then U r NOT looking for a solution.then lets Chill baby and cut the bullshit.

Shuv said...

lets talk after your wife or daughter has been raped and murdered.

munia said...

the whole argument makes me sick. and how do u propose to kill the crime dear sir, if not by punishing the criminal? i endorse capital punishment a hundred thousand times and more, if that will instill some fear in the mind of the criminal, so just cut the crap. all this talk of dealing with the crime looks great in the pages of a magazine or book, but does nothing in reality, only the noose may be some help. i wud luv to pull the trigger too on these animals, after bobbiting them. why dont u show the way by doing what shuv proposes, aka letting ur wife/daughter to be raped?

rip van winkle said...

Oh oh i seem to be rubbing too many people on the wrong side.I am really sorry to hurt yr feelings guys.i thought a man is entitled to voice a different opinion.I did not realise i was talking to first hand rape victims.
Do u kill a leper or think of finding a way to cure Leprosy?
after the hanging of dhanan..how many rapes have taken place in delhi or bihar?has it gone down?
May be we will be forced to look deeper into the matter than just hanging a man in the Medieval way, if u REALLY dont want yr daughters or sisters or wives to be the next rape victims.
I will definitely feel like killing the bastard in the old european way aka "Hung,Drawn and Carriage" but what has the law to do with what I feel?

Criminals are being punished since the History of mankind,dear mam,Does it not ring a bell to u why r still the same crimes (may be more)going on as before?have u heard of kiran Bedi and her contributions.May b a criminal psychologist can help.

I am extremely sorry i could not become as emotional as u in this matter.

i am sorry if u hate someone who contradicts u, but i would like to speak my mind.

munia said...

so who is stopping u from speaking ur mind? that is what we all are doing here anyway ..... and it is better to be emotional rather than laidback, though either way we do not change anything.

rip van winkle said...

dear munia,i would prefer not to be argumentative as all arguments eventually drift away from the main topic.

can i ask u something?why yr immediate response is attackinng the narrator?is it b coz i do not belong to the known members of your fellow bloggers? would your reaction be same if the same thing was written by eg... shuv,loki or for that matter jhimli? i guess not.may be u would resort to some silent thinking process rather than proving the other person wrong.
here is a Question..


do give it a thought.

please do not fight.
intelligent people do not look good fighting.

Shuv said...


munia said...

what a pompous ass u r, Rip! this is not abt attacking ANYONE, rather expressing one's opinion.

Shuv said...


rip van winkle said...

ha!ha!u call 'pompous ass'not attacking!that's polite lady.

just ask yrself what is it that is making u sooooo annoyed!!

i'm sure u must be HATING Modern art.

it is the same mental block which stops u from appreciating anything new that comes yr way.


Shuv said...

relax..no body is fighting dude. the situation is like that amitabh movie where he is facing sashi kapoor (i think) and draws a 6 on a paper and tells him 'tumhare liye yeh nou hai aur mere liye yeh che. hum dono apne jagah pe thik hai'. this is one such issue. we can discuss, argue, fight till armageddon but we wont be able to change each others' views. but thats all right, isnt it?

rip van winkle said...

thanx bro.i feel a lot relaxed now.i was just about to give it a thought to be more nicey nicey on this bolg.it would be a disgrace.

hey pal that was Amitabh on both the sides.How could you forget Aakhri Raashta?

Shuv said...

oh yeah!! i confused it with deewar..so an amitabh fan huh? i guess munia will be slightly mollified now..she swears by the man..

rip van winkle said...

me too boss.that man is an industry by himself.it has been like growing up with him.but may be he should quit at this moment or at least be a little less visible.the magic seems to be fading out eventually due to over exposure.oh.oh another controversy?

Shuv said...

its a miracle!! we agree on something! maybe u havent read this post..

rip van winkle said...

hey man u've been even more ruthless than i was.Great!but thats the sad fact.although i would agree to some extent with Vikash regarding Sachin.Actually U are Right.its only that i still dont have the willingness to face it.

one more thing, did u notice how munia reacted(in such a sweet and humble manner)even in the matters dealing with AB?
hmmm just bcoz u r her friend i guess.and i'm just an outsider.well...never mind.it hurts my feelings bro(sigh)

Shuv said...

have you heard of sukhen das rip? u sounded just like him..

munia said...

HA HA HA....thanx apu

Shuv said...

hehe..i hope rip is a bong..otherwise he wont be able to appreciate the level to which i have brought him down to..

rip van winkle said...

that was a nice try to find out whether i am a bong or not sweetheart.

..Sorry dear u need to try harder.

remember when we were young and we used to hang around with fixed friends ,and Boy how we resnted accepting anyone new?

u dont seem to have grown too much after that baby!

i must say Munia and u make a nice team though.keep it up bro! Aajkal itna dosti kaha milta hai?

Shuv said...

that was slightly below the belt so i will reply in kind:

1) "losing ones innocence to acquire intelligece has always proved to be an unwise bargain"..this is what u had spouted in the Koi Mil Gaya post..yes..i still havent grown up when it comes to how i treat my friends..and i dont want to either.

2) u r a faceless entity i have typed to for the past 2 days..where is all this friendship crap coming from?

3) if u have read thru the comments u will realise that its a reliationship i share with all readers in my blog, not just munia.

4) i am SO not interested in finding out whether u r a bong or a labrador. sorry to disappoint u, but u r not important enuff


Shuv said...

by the way..RIP also stands for Rest In Peace

kaushik said...

Rip -

Shuv is not your type. Well lets take this away for a while. But by the way I read through the chain of post and from an observant point of view. I dont this all of u including Shuv, Munia were impersonal. I see a disintegration. Some below the belt here and there.. Its all too cacaphonous.

Why dont we continue the stiff upper which was going on post the spam post..

Or r we done?? I didnt think u will quit so early. I thought u were Mr. Uber Cool (did I get the spelling right.. I wouldnt take the effort.. I leave to you Rip)

Munia - You were as emotional as the Munia I know. Too bad. But it did rip apart Rip.

Shuv - Too many below the belt. But I forgive all. And lets start another one.

Shuv said...

right ho! stiff upper lip it is. how's the weather in blore today old boy?

munia said...

kaushik----emotional maybe something to do with the name, eh??? however, i am glad this is over!!! the 'ripping' i mean (i hope)

rip van winkle said...

i feel like someone who has just joined a new boarding school.

keep well guys.ill try to keep in touch.if thats not toooo touchy.i.e

dear Munia,refusing to THINK at any given situation had never been a virtue.

sorry for intruding guys.Have fun!

kaushik said...

Her Rip u really quit.. No this was not about getting one-on-one.. Not about ganging up.. Hey pal.. Come back.. We need cerebral folks...

Dont get serious, you were not..

Shuv said...

yeah come back man! we all need a good fight in this blog..last 2 days there have been 70 messages..a rambling record!

Jhimli said...

OOOOOOOOOh I love this! Apu can you believe I didn't scroll down the last 2 days to see if any of your earlier posts have received any new comments. Can't believe I missed out on this delicious debate while it was raging. By the way, the "Sukhen Das" bit was pure genius. The man is more useful dead than alive!!! HEE HEE HEEE................But kudos to Rip for taking on all of us at once!

Shuv said...

yeah jhimli..that sukhen das label was a bit too much for rip to take..u r right..we are kind of ganging up against him..but rip, u will see the fun in that when we gang up together against someone else sometime in the future when u r part of this gang..

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv,get onething straight. i CANNOT be a part of any GANG.a gang is for the jackals.I prefer to remain a TIGER.

a tiger walks alone.

no comments on the sukhen das thing pal.keep thinking whether im a bong or not.

it was wonderful to see jhimli sooooo exited after a long time.reminded me of karishma kapoor jumping on a sofa in 'Andaz Aapna apna'remember the scene?it was sooo funny!

dont worry kids, you have your Uncle Tom to play with now.Cheerio!!!

Shuv said...

personal comment again!! here goes:

1) tiger eh?? thats why u still havent logged in with your blogspot id. how brave u r!

2) my brother had once described sukhen das as a 'kochi shuor'..come to think of of it..even pigs dont roam in packs

3) next time u want to visualize someone excited, think of your mom with a 12 inch dildo..karishma u dont know son.

4) uncle tom i have many other things to 'play' with.

rip van winkle said...

dear bro, the comments are not personal.YOU are taking it personally!

Why cant u just laugh at it pal?

are you not tired of destroying me again and again?You can only win with people who PLAY games.

How can u win with someone who is not even playing?

foul words only prove your frustration,and the lack of ability to put your thoughts together dear.

you cant DICTATE others what and HOW to pen their comments.YOU dont set any RULES man.
think about it,even the best of authors face criticisms.Why cant you?

CAN u actually shut people's mind that way?

one interesting observation:so far NONE of my questions have been answered.YOU dont appreciate or welcome any discussions brother.the only thing you appreciate is ..APPRECIATION.

i guess i entered the wrong blog.Sorry sister,YOU are way to naive for me.

rip said...

you seem to have no respect for your own blog dear.Even i have more respect for your blog than YOU do!!

rip van winkle said...

i thought you said "come back we ALL need a good fight.."

where is the fight you dildohead?