Mar 7, 2006


emptiness - yawning, screaming void
swallows you
embraces you
soothes you
till it becomes your only friend
relief..and peace..forever

emptiness - rely on him
never changes, shocks, disappoints
always there, waiting, confident that you would come
dive into its black hole
oblivion..and peace..forever

emptiness - each day the same
numbing, drugging sameness
dragging, clawing, sliding, hurtling
one end, one ending
death..and peace forever


Shuv said...

god! i am bad..i think i should stick to discussing world problems.

kaushik said...

Well this is amazing.. Truly amazing.. I never understood poetry.. never indulged in it.. inside or outside.. But if I dont understand this one.. it means it is good..

Shuv said...

hahaha..exactly what i feel about poetry. i must be losing it

Loki said...

After reading this one, I have begun to understand poetry. And this one is pathetic!

Shuv said...

its official. i am not a poet. thats the judgement of my readers. short poetic career comes to an end. i loved it though. maybe if i were to explain each line.....?

vikas said...

good u realised it one wants a explnation of this thanks

Shuv said...

how can you be so cruel? only my wife loves me, nobody else

Vivek said...

It's too verbose. I tried many times to understand obvious and implied meaning of it but everything appeared very gloomy. It may be a good piece of poetry but it made my heart sink. For a change, try something positive dude.

Shuv said...

positive!!!!u r in the wrong place man! i will have to open a new blog for that one..

Shuv said...

on its 27th reading its beginning to sound really good. try it at least 26 more times..quite modestly, i think its the greatest piece of work in the 21st century..

bubai said...

apu - read this poem (or whatever) to deep for just 3 times (may be u can convert this in hindi). i guarantee this time you will succeed to get rid of him. but read it out softly - it might hurt your parents too and they can get rid of you.

shuv said...

deep is my only hope now..bolunga saale bol achcha hai nehi to nikaal dunga..

Deep said...

Shala tui agey towr chakorer nam palta.
Tarpor onyo kotha.

Deep said...

'Peace forever'!!??
Goga goga kotha !!
Shokher pran dekho chheler...puro gorer math.
Arey raskel, oto shosta holey tow lyata chukei gechhilo.
Jonmiley moritey hobey
Moriley fer jonmitey hobey
Ebar bolo kon dikey jabey?
(ami kintu ei byaparey pakka hindu)

Negativity niey chorcha korbey abar shujog bujhey tuk korey morey shanti pawar plan bhajbey.
Umhm.... tomar tow hobeyna baba.

Deep said...

Emptiness (in any form)is sublime bliss man.
Think of all the things you can do to fill it up. Blessed art thou... you have the gift of time.
Look at me...........a heartfull of agendas suffering from chronic procastination courtsey acute deficiency of factor T.
No matter what I'll save & gather some.....Tomorrow I'm cooking.

Shuv said...

at last!! someone is discussing poetry with me..a poetry written by me. if someone had told me 5 years ago that this will happen, i would have told him in some detail the exact positions i will like to try out with his mother. life is amazing man! thanks soumya my one and only true friend.

Deep said...

Haha...Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Trisha said...

emptiness......! my exact thoughts has been put in words by you.....i think we shud meet! very soon!