Mar 22, 2006

Last night's drunken thoughts

"Its a hell of a thing killing a man"

Watched 'Unforgiven' again. What a movie! Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman together..need I say more? For those of you martians who havent seen it, go and buy the the DVD right now.

Dev Benegal

Director of Split Wide Open and English August, this guy is now making a movie on Ramanujan. Who said Indian cinema is all about Bollywood?

Garden Shot

CNN featured a 'breaking news' (hate this son once asked me why news is always breaking on tv) about a old man who was arrested for shooting a teenage tresspasser on his garden. While he was being portrayed as a nazi fanatic, my thoughts were has anyone bothered to know if he was being persecuted by the neighborhood kids? Having seen the gora teenage brats first hand, I have seen how they treat elderly and lonely people. Wish my father had a gun.

Rajdeep Sardesai

I would like to meet that arsehole outside his studio. Inside, the fucker gets away with anything. He doesn't let anyone speak, cuts off people midway and when in trouble resorts to a commercial break. Did you know that even the so called 'live' talk shows are edited prior to screening? That's why these dickheads always emerge as the winners in any debate. Kabhi milna saale koi andhere gully main..


The last 5 years of drinking without a break has finally taken a toll. Liver test has shown some pretty bad results. Decided to resort to medication to quit alcohol. Soumyadeep (my school pal and consultant physician) gave me a routine that scared the shit out of me. It seems that the withdrawal symptoms are so severe that one has to be kept under tranquilisers for 5 days till the effect wears off. The medication to reduce the urge starts after that. There go my good intentions straight out of the window. Cheers.


kaushik said...

Well this Rajdeep Sardesai is about bloated egos again..

But about Detox clinic.. I dont think it will be of any help.. So long you are in delhi

bubai said...

on the "garden shot" issue - I'm happy that your father doesn’t have a gun. we would have lost a friend.

Shuv said...

who said anything about a loaded gun? u think i will take that risk??

Loki said...

try the early dinner therapy, it might help. its been helping me for sometime now.