Apr 2, 2007

What would you rather be?

A jack-of-all-trades or a master of one? Would you rather be able to talk comfortably on issues ranging from the effect of a failed crop in Ukraine on the Dow Jones index (whatever that means) to the finer differences in guitaring styles of Jeff Beck and Peter Green? Or would you rather only participate in conversations where you know everything that is to be known on the topic so much so that when you open your mouth there is a hushed silence and everyone listens?

Let me know. Its been a dilemma for some time.


Vikas said...

master of 2 probably 3.
1. What i do for living.
2. Booze.
3. Cricket.

Shuv said...

2 and 3 to ho gaya..1 ka problem yeh hai ki fix nehi rehta

kaushik said...

I wish I had control on my wants. Someday i want to know about everything. But at present I dont need to know anything to work up a conversation.

Sayantani said...

isn't no. 3 the dream thing? but i'd much rather be good at discussing dow jones...it happens to gimme my bread :)

Ghetufool said...

i think jack of no trade and master of absolutely nothing is the best one to be. a simple thinker is the happiest one.

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv,it is important to know what you are actually concerned about.
if you r not concerned about a particular subject its a sheer waste to collect statistics on it just to impress others.
Sooner or later you are bound get frustrated on your own 'performance'.
The objective of just impressing others in a conversation usually leaves a person with a feeling of self deception leading to an emptiness unexplainable by the 'performer'.