Sep 26, 2006

Why I broke the vow

Yesterday was 'expats night out'. We have some consultants working with us on contract and we all went out for a couple of beers yesterday evening. And after having a sweet lime soda, I finally ordered a beer because of the direction the conversation veered towards.

You see, these guys are paid something between 500 to 1200 USD per day. So the topics under discussion were:

1) How to open accounts in Cayman Islands for taxation purposes
2) Whether to go to Thailand or Malaysia for the coming 2nd October long weekend
3) Whether or not to take the next contract that would pay 1100 GBP per day
4) How expensive it has become to buy a place on the Riviera

I drank.


Vikas said...

I will drink after reading this.

bubai said...

we always knew about these (excepting the Cayman Islands bank account).
u needed an excuse.
Vikas - u drink every evening, in any case. can have few more this evening.

Loki said...

tell us more about these expats. very interesting people!

kaushik said...

Well, I guess u guys operate on a different plane.. Instead I like playing with June.. And have ambitions to bring more and more innovations to that..

Yesterday in an interview when pushed too far I said I am not ambitious and I dont apologise for that.

But does that make me a misfit??

Shuv said...

bubai: are you studying psychiatry in your free time (that is always)? a very analytical comment. fuck you too.

vikas: humara bhi number ayega. tusi thand rakh

loky: today is also expats nite out. u will know more tomorrow

koushik: ami onek kichu korlei oneker poshar thakto na. tai ami kichui korini. shudhu mon er janla khule boshe aachi, jaate hawa eshe mon take taja rakhe.

bubai said...

thanks for the fuck.

ei jonno serious comment kortey chai na. etodin badey ekta korlam - to tui galagali dichchish. bloody alcoholic.

Shuv said...

oh!! serious chilo bujhi comment? tahole thik aache..fuck ta ferot nilam

Scout said...

bah. who cares. rather: you can't help being born in the third world buddy. better accept that fact along with the implication that you can never quit alcohol.

anyway, who in their right mind would want to??

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv,
i notice that your asperity with language in your blog is steadily on the rise.
you are suffering from severe case of Autism.

your blog has now become more like a writing on a wall or like a highly hung banner u know,u can only read it but there cannot be a reciprocation.

dear pal,we r all experts in foul and aggresive language but since we r still not as sick as u r,we prefer to carry on the civilized way.happy dassera.

Shuv said...

scout: just one more attempt. then i am giving up. that goes BOTH for earning those big bucks and quitting drinking.

rip: agree with you completely about your first two statements. couldnt make head or tail out of the last line. but thats what's expected from a comment from you anyways.

munia said...

bondhu abar khepeche keno re?

Shuv said...

chleta boddo duronto. tobe aekta goon aache..ektu kaan mule dilei abar thanda hoye jaye.

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv, i love the way everybody mollycodles u in the blog.
one 'not so pleasant' comment and everybody comes jumping forward to save poor shuv from the big bad wolf..choo... chweet.

hi munia ! how r u? still upset?

Shuv said...

please please be nice to me rip. if u r not u upset me sooo much!

rip van winkle said...

oh dear! dont feel so upset. from now on ill try to be nice to you.

..(ill have to 'try' real hard man.its going to be a tough job.)