Sep 14, 2006

Hats Off!

I know I had written this a few months back. I still feel the same about Sachin. But I take my hat off to him for his temperament. A century on comeback, that too with trademark style. I wish our Dada had also let his bat do the talking, rather than resorting to the shit he did in the last 3 months.

Congrats Sachin on your 40th. Who knows? Maybe Amitabh will make a good movie now!


munia said...

all said and done, i love u.....for sachin's sake

Shuv said...

i am grateful to sachin

Vikas said...

I had started beleiving that its all over for sachin and had stopped arguing with people against it(especially apu).Now i have enough to argue for 2 years more.
Lage raho sachin

kaushik said...

Sachin was never finished and never will be. He is more like a machine. Wish he played tennis or any other individual sport. India would have had a couple of Olympic medals.

But Sachin is a misfit in teamsport. He is perfect Indian prototype cricketer in the Gavaskar, Vengsarkar etc mould. Loads of records. But cricket wins require how one fits into the team and roll the juggernaut not necessarily by your performance.

In a teamsport I tend to remember the performance of the team. This is nothing to take away from him as a cricketer. I used to enjoy his batting. But I also do remember the sight of him getting bowled while ducking to Mcgrath. I also remember his 200 scored without a single cover drive. Or his painstaking attempt to get a double hundred and getting stranded at 195.

As for Sourav, Shuv you are right, sadly Sourav's bat is not talking and I agree he has lost it. But I just cant forget the audacity he brought to the game. I identify with it much more. It was becaue a lack of this we were ruled by the Britishers.

Shuv said...

interestingly the same thing was written today about he would have failed miserably in a team game (his ryder cup record is proof)..interesting observation..if sachin had taken to tennis, who knows?? maybe sampras wouldnt have that record!

Loki said...

you guys still watch cricket???

i've totally lost interest and there is no enthu when india is playing. just yesterday i won a blind bet for a lunch. bon apetite to myself!

will start commenting on indian cricket once dada is back with a BANG!

till then happy watching you guys!