Jul 1, 2006

Dont worry

OK..I am out of it. To all my dearest friends (and I am lucky to have all you guys), people who have started to worry about my mental state here are the changes:

1) I am not leaving IBM. I will stick around for a couple of years more and then see what the company can offer. If I manage to get a transfer to Pune in the near future then that will be an additional boon, else Delhi it is.

2) I have started cooking. Yesterday's mutton was slurpalicious.

3) French classes start from 10th evening.

4) Serious work starts from 3rd morning.

5) Detox starts from 10th evening.

Impossible is nothing.


Loki said...

thats positive attitude man! although haven't seen it in you in the last 4-5 years.

indeed impossible is nothing!

munia said...

first good news in a long time

Shuv said...

slight change might happen in point number 3. french classes may be replaced by osho meditation...depending on...

kaushik said...

Well u sure lead the way.. Lets see.. Not too bad.. For change we might usher the change..

saint said...

i like this attitude, keep up the vicious cycle of quitting! Cheers

rip van winkle said...

dear shuv, please dont let this only be one of those intelligently thought out ´routines' of yours.

hope it becomes your natural way of life. Cheers bro!!