Jan 31, 2006

Innocence - A litmus test

Was gladdened to know that contrary to popular belief, kids nowadays are still innocent. Devised a test for the same. On my last Mumbai visit, I was telling my son the story of Goopi Gayen Bagha Bayen. Its about 2 village simpletons who got 3 boons from the King of Ghosts and their adventures after that. So I asked my 5 year old what he would have wished for if he had 3 boons. Here was his list:

  1. I want to become grown up
  2. I want to have a mirror which can call any superhero I want
  3. I want a magic basket where I can get any toy I ask for.

Considering the fact that I was expecting stuff like 'I want the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya released soon' or something along those lines, I was pretty relieved. Especially the part about being grown up (Remember the Tom Hanks starrer 'Big'?). When I asked him why he wants to be grown up when he is having so much fun as a child he said he wanted to do 'cool' things like be alone with his friends without supervision, go to office and stuff. Oh boy!! Ayush... you got a big shock waiting for you!! Hope you freak out while you still can.


Anonymous said...

As you know very well Apu (and as people who know Apu well know)- teenage and after can be fun too! I wonder if you need any reminders of your drunken bachanals and the free spririted life. You had all the fun you could and now you want Ayush to stay young ? In any case if you think really hard - the bad times are good times too. And I think when Dylan sang "Forever Young" he was not refering to childhood.
Your blogs are fun - keep the pen flowing.

opu said...

can any responsible father wish that his son lives a life like the one i have lived? i dont think so buddha. but if he does, i will be happy for him. and at that age the only interesting female company i will get will be thru his friend circle...so he better have a good one!!