Jan 16, 2006


Acquired the complete Ray collection as a new year's gift to myself. Yesterday evening after watching Oronner Din Ratri, I decided to try out the Gautam Ghosh sequel. My disgust forced me to stop the bloody thing midway. Even mentioning it gives it more importance than it deserves.

I dont know what 'modern' film and TV artists are trying to prove. Everything they excrecate nowadays has a sexual angle. Does being 'modern' mean showing cunnilingus on screen? Even Rituporno, whom I admire greatly, has this irritating habit of trying to be 'bold' by inserting a couple of such scenes in every movie. There are so many things to be bold about..why dont you guys grow up and address those? From what I hear, the television industry in Kolkata has become a sewer. Most actresses have price tags for going to bed...and we are not talking about casting couches here. Anyone with the proper contacts can get to screw almost anyone in the bengali TV industry.

What went so horribly wrong? Who are these people? Is this the best that we could do?

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