Jan 25, 2006

Girls and fun

Have you noticed a weird phenomenon? Since the 80-s Hollywood actresses portraying working women suddenly became very serious. The cop will run faster, the manager will talk more, the programmer will type faster...and all this with a lets-not-play-around-its-serious-work expressions on their faces. And surprise surprise!!! Indian movies and TV serials followed suit in the 90-s. Our workplaces are generally relaxed and informal and people generally are not full of hot air and attitude (except some old foggies who are perhaps scared of being overtaken by so much youth around). So my question is..have you guys noticed this in reality in places where you have worked?

Saw a new scooter ad whose theme is a couple of extremely sexy girls cavorting around on a scooter and the punchline goes...'why should boys have all the fun'..WELL!!!! Thats exactly what boys have been wondering (especially in this fucked up country of ours) for years now!! No one is stopping you girls. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. Your generation need not be the only one that is responsible for avenging thousands of years of male domination. Your previous generation burned bras to prove women are equal. You are desperate to find ways to prove women are better. Relax! Learn from us guys. Its one life and one chance. Take life a day at a time and forget it when the day is over.

And yes...please start having fun. Have one night stands, pick up guys, pick up the bill, have extra-marital affairs, maintain kept men, drink yourselves silly, experiment with sexual positions, go on vacations with friends, have sexual fantasies about neighbors and colleagues, masturbate regularly...the list is endless. So COME ON!!


Loki said...

Come on! Come on! Girls. I'm coming back to desh.

By the way, you better not call our fucked up country "FUCKED UP". East or West India is definitely the BEST!!!

vikas dogra said...

loki meant'who needs girls when u love ur wife'

shuv said...

chup be khassi married homo lokes saala. germany ka unisex nude sauna chorke blore me kannadi autowaale se peetne aa riya aur bada bada baat kar raha hai saala.

Loki said...

yaar ye teeno trait to tum me bhi hai, phir meri kyon le rahe ho.

kannadi auto walo se to nehi pitoonga, but otherwise i'm all set to face hostility from the southies, particularly in office. office ke bahar to apun raja hoon, dekh loonga sabko.

ek classic cheez suno. i've a kannadi colleague here and one day we were generally discussing what people from other states are called, like bihaaris, maadus, rajus, ghatis, bongs, etc. phir woh bolta hai ki karnataka ke logo ke liye usne kabhi koyi naam nehi suna. can you imagine, in what a fools world and a close kannadi community he must be living in? phir batana hi pada they are called kannnnnaddddi! by the way he strongly resembles dravid, so you can imagine what a tough time i'm having in office looking at him everyday.