Aug 30, 2005

Tempting Conversations

Apart from whiskey and orange juice, there is another dreadful combination that comes to mind. The combination of being an introvert and a compulsive debater. If you are exposed to situations when you are forced to be alone, within earshot of groups of people, but aloof (any mode of long distance transportation, bars, in-law get togethers and new office desks have been personal experiences), u will know what I am talking about. Mostly what you hear, you file away with a superior mental smirk (god, these arseholes!!) and then maybe write in your blog..but sometimes your vocal chords just itch to get involved man! Today was a case to point.

I was in the FNPB (for the LAST time, it stands for Friendly Neighborhood Pauwa Bar) and the guys next table were discussing the recent Mumbai Catastrophe - The Closing Down Of Ladies Bars!!!!!!!!! Man u should have heard them! They were so passionate, it brought tears to my eyes...and how I wished, how i DEAR-FUCKING-LY wished I could share some of my opinions with them. A city (METROPOLIS!!) obsessed with ladies bars (glossary: naaaah..look it up in google) for about a year entire government machinery went into closing 1500 bars and making 75000 female bodies more accessible, a city which after being totally shut down and rodgered by a day's rainfall, has gone back to its agenda of maybe converting mumbai into delhi...where the rape rate will be more than Freddy Flint's batting average this summer.

There is so much I wish to say to these guys..not only the guys mentioned above, but with guys who are 'sensible and balanced'..guys who believe that a girl who wears a mini skirt deserves to be eve-teased for example....i wish, i wish, i wish i was not so introverted.

And dont u practical, balanced arseholes tell me to 'stop going to FNPB-s if u r so disgusted'.....

What will I write about then?


kaushik said...

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Anonymous said...

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