Aug 6, 2005

The Japs Are Crazy

If Gosciny and Uderzo had published 'Astreix In Japan' , I am sure we would have seen Obelix tapping his head and saying "These Japs are crazy". Several brushes with them while I was in Bangkok come to mind, but I will tell you about the one that stands out.

Me and Angshu had once gone down to our friendly neighborhood Gogo bar (glossary: watering holes where members of the stupider sex roam around and dance in their lingerie). There was this group of Jap tourists comprising of a young couple, a middle aged couple and a 2 year old toddler. They were generally drinking up a storm and pretty soon the middle aged woman passed out on the couch. While concerned members of the staff were attempting to revive her, the others happily continued whatever they were doing - the young couple almost making out on the couch, the father sitting with a beatific expression on his face with a hand far up a waitresses skirt and the kid roaming around the place. Pretty soon the dancing girls realised that no one was too concerned about the kid and he just might go out for a stroll. And since they were not allowed to stop dancing they did the only thing they could - took the kid along with them up on the stage. So there we were - sitting around a strobe-lit revolving stage, watching 20 odd gyrating girls in fluoroscent red underwear, a 2 year old revolving on the stage with a slightly bemused expression, an unconscious mother, a happy father who had by now migrated to pinching bottoms of anything in a skirt within striking distance and a drunk couple who were leaving very little to imagination.

Believe me man. These Japs are crazy.


kaushik said...

Ha ha ha... I sure envy the 2 yr old. Was picturing my little family strutting our stuff alike..

Infact this give me an idea for a post

Angshu said...

Not to mention their other commonplace ludicrous habits such as walking into a Gogo bar or a packed disco on a Saturday night - sporting a crisp white business shirt, formal trousers....and perfectly knotted necktie!

Anonymous said...

i cant imagine wat he wud become 15-20 yrs down the line... i can imagine him all grown up still in his diapers n still sitting on the stage watchimg girls dance round him..... a lucky guy 4 sure!!!hehhe