Aug 27, 2005

On Stephen King

The great thing about blogs is that you can prove your 'I told you so' s. Otherwise, most of these are dismissed when you are proved right in the long run. So here is one of those statements I wish to record for future proof.

Stephen King will get the Nobel Prize for literature.

There is incredibly stupid pre-formed misconceptions about this guy. I think its because of the movie adaptations that people see first and then form their opinions. Well let me tell you something. Its not possible to capture this guy's brilliance on celluloid. And there is no way one can capture his tremendous analogies in any screenplay. Things like 'good luck is just bad luck with its hair combed'..i intend to make a list of these analogies somewhere on this blog, there are zillions of brilliant ones, lines that bring out the goose pimples, or a twitch to the corner of your lips..

For the new reader (a virgin or someone who has started with the wrong book and have never gone back), here are the top 5 ones you should start with...and if you still dont fall in love....well i guess it does take all kinds to make a world..(the order is just for the reading sequence, does not reflect my opinion on the quality in any way):

1) Misery - brilliant, chilling, scary.....NOTHING to do with monsters and ghosts

2) Different seasons - you will understand what a great short story writer he is...again, none of the stories are about ghosts.

3) Desperation - fantastic..will scare your pants off..ghosts, monsters, ghouls, zombies galore.

4) Dark Half - again..incredible..breakneck thriller, with enough of spooks to keep u awake.

5) Needful things - observations of volcanic small town life..u will be able to identify with the brilliantly portrayed characters, whether u r from Calcutta or California.

Please let me know if i have been able to convert you..i will think the effort worthwhile..

Happy reading.

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