Aug 6, 2005

My First Attempt at a Screenplay

Background: After my post about the "Mumbai Spirit" I racked my brains trying to come up with something that I like about this place. There is one thing actually. I love its ‘pauwa’ bars (glossary: bars that serve liquor in a bottle; lowest unit being 90 ml of whatever your poison is). There are a couple of reasons for that. First is the low cost. Second - the conversations. If I were a filmmaker I would have accumulated Oscar material by now. Criminals out on bail, corrupt cops, dons taking supari details (glossary: a Mafia hit) on the phone, ruined businessmen reduced from black label to DSP black, frustrated actors, satisfied gigolos – well, I have heard them all. I wish I had started this blog then, my screenplay would have been complete by now.

Setting: Titanic Bar and Restaurant (Opposite my office in Mumbai)

The situation so far: After a typically busy morning I am sitting in Titanic, nursing a pauwa (180-ml) of Royal Stag. In walks a group of 4 guys. 3 of them elderly, the 4th one is youngish. The youngish guy is called Rahul, the others will be referred to as X, Y and Z. After a lot of deliberation they order a pauwa of vodka and some lemonade. Conversation touches upon cricket, home appliances and problems with maids, while they finish their first pegs (180ml/4). That loosens up their tongues quite a bit and the fun starts.

X – Marketing manager from some kind of an engineering firm. Typical sales guy, talks a lot, mostly crap.
Y – sales manager from out of town
Z – typical yes-man to X. Quite senior.
Rahul – freshly joined sales executive.

The Conversation:
Ran out of enthu. If I get one comment asking me to continue I will do so.

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kaushik said...

Well I have a view.. I feel all of these guys work in a place I am very familiar.

There is office in Bangalore (possibly the only one in the world) where outside both the gates (back and front) you will a liquor shop welcoming you in its fold.....