Jul 11, 2007

Of crabs and humans

There was this joke that was going around when we were in school..about an 'international crab festival' where nations all over the world were participating in a competition to prove whose crabs were the best..and they were all travelling on the same airline, and each country had their own basket containing their best crabs, and then a long detailed description of the lengths each of the 'advanced' countries have gone to to make sure that their prize crabs don't escape, and then obviously there was this indian basket which was left lying totally unsecured, and when asked the indian delegation says 'dont worry, they wont escape..whenever one tries to climb out the others pull him right back in'.

Well I am sure u have heard some variation or the other of this story. But this is something I have been facing on and off for the last 6 years or so. Since 6 years, I have been living a so-called 'lonely' life. Staying 'away' from my family, commuting to meet my wife and kid, returning to an empty bed after work and whatever after office activity i choose to pursue, taking extended weekends to visit my family whenever I feel like, deciding to visit relatives and friends on the spur of a moment if I feel like it irrespective of their location in India, going out on family trips to some goddamn weekend break place if the city is getting too claustrophobic..i don't know, generally sleeping well.


Some people are so concerned about me. Be it some childhood friends, some casual aquantainces, some faceless meddlers...they are convinced that I am miserable. 'Some' is the operative word here. Anyone who knows me well is happy for me. Because I won't trade my life (at the moment) for anyone else's.

So all you people..thanks for your concerns..but no thanks. Get a life and let me live mine.


Vikas said...

plan for meeting friends outside india as well in a spurrrr of a moment, that will reconfirm to me that you are not miserable....wink...wink..... ek aur wink.

kaushik said...

Shuv: I think I know exactly what u r trying to say. And we (me and ur kid sis) discuss 'U' sometime. I wish I could get infected by your way life. That would have helped me to carry less baggage around and feel less heavy in morning.

What we discuss I will not write as this is public domain. So to all the 'some' especially the one who triggered this post "Live & let live".

But I do have a desire... To live someday in a place where we could all live together and yet have give each other enough 'space'.

Shuv said...

vikas: there is a slight issue with finances here..i am ok with spur of the moment foreign trips if someone is ok with sponsoring them.

kaushik: well this someone really surprised me..and i am usually not surprised.

rip van winkle said...

'faceless meddler'...me?? sniff..sniff..how can you be so cruel shuv?
..today..you have broken my heart.

Ghetufool said...

i thought shuv actually loves rip and enjoys his meddling.

Shuv said...

u thought right..no dearth of comments when he is around..