Dec 13, 2006

A revenge on Loky and Vikas

So..u dont like my poems do you? Okay then. Henceforth, all my boring posts (rants against the system, country, countrymen etc etc) will be in glorious verse.

So proclaimed Bhishma..and the heavens opened and the crows shat on his head.


Lokendra Singh said...

dil pe mut le dost. i only crtisized about your poetry not writings. i think you are an amazing writer and have a realistic view of things around you.

software chor aur lag ja serious writing me, maa bhi kitnni khush hogi agar tu cal jayega. moreover you'll be happier too.

i wish i could go back to bikaner, but aisa koyi talent nehi hai apun me jo waha jaake can make 2 ends meet. what an irony! life's really a journey!

here's to add to your poem...

apu & loki got a free entry
and they were just, leching at britney
dainty though she looked
but these guys were hooked
looking where was her panty


Shuv said...

gentleman farmer bun ja bhai..farming to tujhe aata hi hai..buss gentle bunna sikhna padega.

Niraj said...

Budape me log poem he likhenge

Lokendra Singh said...

and i always thought that i am gentle but need to learn farming. bikaner me sirf camel farming hi kar sakta hoon.

koyi mujhe 10-12 camel de do pls...