Mar 29, 2007

Was this abuse?

I was all of 11 years old. I knew all about girls, had played doctor-doctor with 3 of my classmates, I had read graphic descriptions of the adult female anatomy in Nick Carter thrillers I had smuggled in from the school library. I wasn't tongue tied or intimidated by girls. I positively strutted around them. Till the time Mlle Jenette joined our school as a French teacher.

I dont why the fuck she launched into me from the first day. At first it was trivial stuff like asking me to carry her books back to the staff room. Then she started dropping me off home after school. And then asking me to stay back after school to help me with my homework. And the constant fidgeting with my uniform - adjusting my tie, tucking in my shirt, zipping up a half open fly.

And then one day, she called me to her house one hot sultry afternoon to 'amusez-vous certains' as she put it. Have some fun indeed. That afternoon finished my confidence level with the opposite sex.

Before I entered I heard her splashing in the pool. And when i reached the poolside, I saw her cutting through the water in long streaking strokes. She was a great swimmer, but that's not what I was staring at with my mouth open. It was the first time I was seeing a 2 piece bikini in real life..and Nick Carter hadn't prepared me for that. As an Indian kid surrounded by saree clad women, I had grown up seeing bare midriffs of various sizes, shapes and colours. Never had I thought that it could also be something like that. And when she came out of the water and opened her cap to let her blonde hair cascade out, I thought I saw it all. But I hadn't.

She saw me gaping and a peculiar shadow crossed her face. "Venez ici", she beckoned, patting the lounge chair next to her. I moved like an automation, and as I neared her and saw her leaning back and looking at me with a peculiar half-smile, and I saw her breasts heaving as she was catching her breath, and her nipples straining against the soft bikini top, and tiny droplets of water breaking up the sunrays into rainbows like a prism and to my horror I felt my pinky rushing up to meet my slack jaw.

"You helping me to put oil on my back, yes cherie", she asked me, and I dumbly nodded my head. Oil on your back? I would oil and entire leper colony if I can have one more chance to see you like this, I thought. She gave me a bottle and and lay down face down on the chair and for the first time I can feast my eyes on her body, without worrying that she would know I am doing so. I poured some oil onto my trembling hands, squeezed my eyes shut and touched her back and it felt as if I was getting jolted by electric sparks that travelled from my fingertips and spread through my body, leaving goosebumps on my skin and making the hairs on my arms and legs stand up. I started making circular motions on her back, gently to start with and then faster and faster, but then stopped when I heard her moaning, fearing that I had hurt her.

She sat up and looked at me. I looked back hypnotised as she reached back and untied the string holding her bikini top. As it fell away I realised that this was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my entire life. "Front I can do cherie", said with that curious half smile, and I felt my heart shatter into a billion pieces.

"You go and make swim now", she said, and starting applying the lotion on her breasts. It was too much for me. I felt something burst and to my utter disbelief I discovered that I had pee-ed in my pants. I am saying pee, but to me it felt like my wee wee had gone utterly crazy. I tried to mumble something and slide away before she saw me, but my worst fears were confirmed when I looked her and saw her staring at the patch that was spreading in my pants and her hand groped for the towel lying at her side.

"You go home now, yes Neil?", she asked me in a small voice.

Fighting back my tears I ran all the way back home. I switched to German the next week.


kaushik said...

I hate to say this but I think you too saw 'My Tutor'. But the fiction was great reading.

You have any pictures??

Shuv said...

i havent seen My Tutor. It wasnt fiction. Anything else u bloody saltlakearsehole?

Scout said...

lol. You sound like Raj Kapoor in the much-hated Mera Naam Joker. How I hate the man!

vikas said...


Shuv said...

no one has answered the question though..

Sayantani said...

o c'mon! if this happened at all...which i really really really doubt...u had a ball! i can go ballistic and say abuse and all. but y? im so sure u had the time of ur life!

M (tread softly upon) said...

agree with sayantani :))

Scout said...

i refuse to comment on childish filth.

Ghetufool said...

you impotent from childhood itself? gosh! pity for you.

Ghetufool said...

as for your question, it was not abuse, it was amuse, which you failed to realise due to the fall.

Sayantani said...

hahahahahaha! ghetu, good one! such a ridiculous fantasy deserves such a comment!

kaushik said...

Shuv: First sorry for not having read the title of the post. I becoming like the quintessential in hurry 21st century reader.

If I consider recent post and put this post in its perspective and also hope that what you have written is true (I hate to believe that this happened mainly because it never happened to me) then there is no question of abuse.

Ghetu: All of us before a certain age are impotent in a way. Firstly we havent discovered the flow and second our hormone are to cold. But I think impotency mainly springs from the mind. And I know Shuv long enought that his is not the case.

Scout: I didnt understand why do you consider this filth. Stranger things have happened in Shuv's life.

Shuv said...

koushik: good comment..wrong post

DD said...

OK, now for some details that Shuv left out:
1. Mademoiselle was from the Republic of Benin.
2. She weighed 350 lbs.
3. Her bra (or bikini-top) size was 44D
4. Her accent was not that mellifluous (and oh, so irritating!) drawl of the average parisian but rather the harsh, guttural mix that comes out of a blend of two discordant languages.
5. Shuv had just drank 4 glasses of water (to calm his nerves) before heading over to Mme.’s place
6. When mademoiselle came out of the pool, the level of water dropped 3 inches.
7. The german teacher was a MAN!