Oct 6, 2005

Missed a great chance!!!!!!!

To rub the faces of many an expert and couch critic's faces in the shit of the aussie cricket team...i had meant to make a post after the ashes..first to write about what an incredible series it was..and second to flip the bird at the entire media who were having an absolute orgy flinging mud at the aussies. There is some saying in some language in some country that goes something like 'when an elephant falls the ants cheer' or something along those lines. That was what I felt at that time. An ashes defeat in 18 years and all these arseholes (70% have never played cricket above the local neighborhood level) nodding their heads and talking about the end of an era and crap like that. What these experts should have thought about was if it was any other team facing this current english side, the result would have been 5-0. England were incredible (and not just Freddie) but the way the depleted, injury ridden, out of form (heard about law of averages?) aussies fought was absolutely incredible. Remember the 5th day of the last match? The english side just needed a draw, they were 2 wickets down in the second innings and about 100 0dd ahead, when warnie came and took 3 wickets and the entire stadium shat in their pants. The so-called staid, cultured, sporting english cricket spectators were jumping wildly and cheering no balls, leg byes, anything...and if it was not for Pietersen's innings..who knows?

Anyway, yesterdays game has shut up a lot of people. The others who are still talking..shut up and enjoy the super series.


Niraj said...

Ashes series was incredible.Both team played fantastic cricket but except the 1st match, Oz were always on the ropes. The series just reminded us the quality of cricket we would have expeced if there were few more teams as competetive as Oz.Whenever any team have challenged Oz, that series have become historic (Rem Ind Oz 2001).
I don't agree with pundits dat it is the end of Oz era but once warnie macgrath et al are gone, Oz wont be as dominant as they are, specially in test matches.
Inconsistency problem with england remain as they do not have world class batsman. All the batsman are highly inconsistent.
If you look around now there are few teams who can challenge Oz. Top on the list are SA, Eng and Pak. SA can challenge them anywhere is the world as they are very good al round team and I rate them very high. There recent progress is just awesome.

shuv said...

tereko ko to angrezi aa gaya yaar!!!