Oct 14, 2005


Two Aricles

Read a couple of articles today that pissed me off quite badly. The first was about Indian soldiers crossing the LOC and helping Pak soldiers rebuild bunkers destroyed in the recent quake. I mean how utterly ridiculous can a nation become? I can understand the Khans of Bollywood and Indian ghazal singers talking crap about our ‘brothers across the border’. After all they have movies and CD-s to sell and it’s a big market out there. But the bloody army? Have these bloody arseholes forgotten the treatment meted to our POW-s? The bodies of the Kargil jawans are still fresh in their graves, Sukhbir has recently been sentenced to death and here we are promoting brotherhood and solidarity. Get real guys! This is not a hindi movie.

The second article was about Sachin’s inclusion in the forthcoming series. The selectors had just the day before made a positive statement by removing Ganguly from the captaincy and asking him to prove his from in the Duleep trophy prior to being selected as a batsman. It was a good move. No one should take the blue lightly and it should be everyone’s duty to give 110% for the country. The next day the selectors chose a guy who has been out of any form of cricket for 6 months and whose performance against the B and C side of Indian cricket was 12, 5 and 22. So what’s the message selectors?

Two Professions

There are 2 professions in India that require no skills, qualifications or ability. One is being a politician. I wont go into that because politics bores me to tears. The other is being a sports commentator. I realized this when Mr Charu Sharma explained to the viewers what was wrong with Sachin’s technique after he was dismissed in the last match of the Challenger series.

Two Series Captaincy

Dravid was made the captain of the Indian cricket side for 2 series. I failed to grasp the thinking that went behind this decision. If you had a new boss who you knew would leave after one month do you think you will work for him seriously? Is it that people have given him rope to hang himself so that after he fails Sachin can be made captain? I have a sneaky feeling that’s exactly the strategy. In the last match of the Challenger, the Indian Senior captain Kaif had a fall and limped off the field. Sachin took over and for the rest of the match the commentators went gaga over each and every decision he took. Mr Sharad Pawar, if you want Mumbai to become the centre of Indian cricket once again, I am sure you can find young, talented, enthusiastic youngsters in Mumbai to back and draft into the team. Leave Sachin alone. Let him toil on, score 20 more centuries and retire with an unbreakable record.


Anonymous said...

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vikas bhai said...

i think mr shuv is getting too emotional here abe yaar maa **** gaya saurav aur sachin aur is desh ka cricket aur sath mein media.i think that building of bunkers was a imagination of some creative journalist who wants to make a film some time in his life.
sukhbir was caught killing the people of country so naturally that country is gonna sentence him to death sala yeh sab mein dimaag kharach karke kya milega .tu papers file kar and immigrate to australia mate then u will have all the good things to write on this blog

Shuv said...

vikas bhosdike...saala biwi ke jagah pe mujhe le chal na fir...saala romantic kahika..