Dec 21, 2005

So Far So Good

It’s been about 3 weeks since I relocated to Delhi to join IBM. I went through a lot of emotional turmoil before making the move, wholly due to the fact that I was leaving Riju behind. But the move has worked out well on all fronts so far (knock, knock). Career wise I think I have made a good move. It is the first career move I have made where the only consideration has been my long term goals. The induction in IBM was very inspiring. I don’t know if IBM India will be able to live up to the parent body’s stature and values, but I felt really inspired hearing about what IBM stands for. Delhi has been great so far – perfect weather, great food, drinking with friends for a change (No! I absolutely don’t miss drinking alone at the FNPB-s), friendly colleagues, great driving and shitless roads. On the personal front, it went smoother than I had dared to hope. Riju has accepted the situation quite peacefully as of now (with a mild rebuke saying ‘why didn’t you get a new job in Mumbai’), distance has removed most of the daily frictions that had become routine in married life and the stress and frustrations of commuting have been totally eliminated from the daily routine.

So, hopefully, Someone up there has finally got tired of screwing me around and has gone seeking for newer arses to spend His time on. Thank you and you are not welcome.


Vivek said...

Congrats Delhi! You have got an admirer here. Humm.. It is been ages since I heard any good opinion about anything from you, its always nice to know rare good things from a perennial cynic like you. I am happy about this and relishing the moment before you get pissed off and get back to your groove. You are always welcome….

Anonymous said...

fuck no mention of me and my VDK in your blog of moving to delhi ,bahoooohoooohooooo

vikas dogra said...

anonymous ho gaya galti se mistake ho gaya

Shuv said...

uska to beta alag independent blog hoga beta...ek modification is blog me...IBM SUCKS!!!! baaki sab thik hai.
vivek behnchod topic aise cherega hamesha ki crib maarna padta hai..daaru randi ke baare me kabhi apun kuch kharab bola?