Jul 29, 2005

Thank you Mr S.N.Roy

Momentum of rest works brilliantly when it comes to posting your first message on the blog. Its been about 3 months since i worked myself up sufficiently to go through the registration process. I guess it would have been another 3 before the first post would have been made. All that changed a couple of days back. And the architect for that change was Mr S.N. Roy. It went like this..

One of my typically busy mornings at work i was going through the Telegraph website (I had already finished Economic Times and NDTV). There was an article about a guy who was learning driving and his car went out of control and he killed 3 people, including a 10 year old kid. After his arrest the Superintendent of Police (the aforementioned S.N. Roy) commented - 'we are investigating how he managed to drive without a valid license'.

I knew then that it was time to start. And now that the exit velocity has been exceeded, i hope i have finally overcome my 'blogger block' for good..So...here goes..

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kaushik said...

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